Practice the foundations. Always. Not only when you're a beginner. 

At some point, foundations will become easy. That's great - it means you're getting stronger.

Still, keep on polishing those foundations. Of course, practice more advanced stuff too but don't let go of the basics. 

Because there will be another point when foundations become hard again. No, you're not getting weaker. In fact, you are seeing deeper. 

That's a wonderful place to discover. There's so much to uncover there.

Ironically, you'll find that doing advanced stuff is easier when you spend more time doing the basics instead of practicing that advanced stuff.

Because growing up is easier with a strong root system. Work on those roots.

There's another, purely logistical reason for practicing the basics: it's a lower barrier to entry.

Foundations are not just for beginners. They're also for those who are running low on time, energy, or motivation.

Often, it's easier to convince yourself to spend 20 minutes doing stuff that's not pushing you to the limits of your being. It's a smaller effort, but smaller efforts still add up.

If you do that 4 times a week, you still get 80 minutes of solid work. And once you have the opportunity to take your practice on step further, you're much more prepared.

Don't scrutinize yourself for not practicing the big stuff all the time. Don't forego the practice altogether. 

Let go of your ego and get to the little stuff.