Set standards, stick to them

You are a professional. 

So act like one.

Set standards for yourself, adhere to them. If you find yourself around people that accept subpar quality as a given, don’t fall into that trap.

You have standards, that should be your guide. Don’t copy others when it compromises who you are. But copy those who inspire you.

When in doubt, ask yourself: “What would <that person I look up to> do?”. Maybe it’ll help you find you the right answer in a rushed situation. 

When moving through space, maintain clean lines. Elongate. Breathe evenly, calmly. Concentrate on one point, don’t move your gaze around. Root down, to grow up. Be very, very still.

When communicating, proofread your message. Don’t fire it away in incoherent stream of snippets. Provide context, links, if possible. Respect the receiver. Write a message that you’d want to read yourself. 

Take your time. Pause to embrace more. Act according to who you are.

It doesn’t matter if it’s not in accord with others around you. You have your own standards, so adhere to them.

It’s not perfectionism, it’s decency. It doesn’t make your better or worse. It doesn’t make you weird or too much.

It’s just about putting your best work out there. It’s just about honesty, to yourself and those around you.