It’s like an obstacle course.
You jump over ads in your feed. You jump over ads in your stories. You go search for a friend and the explore page attacks you with random stuff.

You constantly, consciously tell yourself where to look, what to read, what to ignore. It's draining, mentally and physically.

Seeing friends' pictures is heartwarming. Seeing your favorite artists' work is inspiring. It's an exhausting race to get to it though. Does it have to come at such price?

Some say social media is just a tool and it's up to you to figure out how to use it. They tell you to exercise your willpower. What nonsense.

All these apps are designed to keep you hooked. You can have all the willpower you want, but one day you'll be tired and you'll give in. Not your fault. 

It's like trying to avoid junk at McDonalds. Maybe possible, but you really have to try. Wouldn't have happened if you were, for example, at Sweetgreen.

Is there a Sweetgreen equivalent of Instagram?