A plea for smaller cookies

... and also brownies, blondies, danishes, cake slices, etc, etc.

There’s nothing more exciting that walking into a coffee shop and seeing a fully stacked pastry case.

When it comes to picking something though, that’s when it gets difficult.

Everything is just so BIG. I want a cookie, but like a small cookie, and this one is the size of my head.

I don’t need that much to be satisfied.
And I can only handle so much sugar at a time.

So do I get it, have some, and throw the rest away? Seems wasteful and disrespectful.

The best bet is to split it with someone but you’re not always with someone and what if they want to get something else?

Or do I get it and spend the entire next week eating it and then don’t get anything else throughout the week because “well I still have that cookie at home”?

So I often don’t get anything.
And I know I can’t be the only one.

That’s a lot of money left on the table.

So mayyyybe coffee shops and bakeries should consider making mini versions of their pastries or, honestly, downsize all together. Keep charging the same price though.

I think that’ll be better for everyone. Small businesses will get more money for less of a product + will have more sales from people who currently don’t get anything because it’s too much.

More people will truly enjoy delicious stuff without feeling bad that they’d throw it away and without shoving it in at the end “just to finish it”. Hell, maybe this will even lower obesity rates.

And those for whom a smaller cookie isn’t enough will have a chance to also try something else as well. 

It’s a win-win-win.